'Jobs calamity' fear over NuGen and Euratom

13th July 2017

Cumbria would face a jobs calamity if the NuGen project at Moorside collapses, the Commons was told.

The Labour MP for Barrow, John Woodcock, suggested the plan to leave Euratom was likely to make finding a new investor to save the deal harder.

Woodcock told the new energy minister Richard Harrington: “He will no doubt have spent a substantial part of his time so far in the Department trying to save the NuGen deal and find a new investor - almost certainly backed by a foreign Government and foreign capital - to save a development that will create 21,000 jobs in Cumbria and potentially contribute up to 8% of the UK’s energy.

“For a frank assessment of how the Minister feels about the cloud of uncertainty over the industry, which has been created by the Government’s until now steadfast refusal to countenance remaining within a treaty that is working well, or to consider something sensible such as associate membership, and a seamless transition to that.

“What effect does he feel the situation is having on the dash to find a new investor to save the deal? We know the difficulty behind the scenes in trying to get some countries, which I will not name, to consider rescuing the deal. Aside from any damage to UK energy security, the collapse in job prospects would be a calamity for the region.”

The comments were made in a debate on the UK's exit from Euratom.

Earlier this year the French energy company Engie forces Toshiba to buy back a 40% stake in NuGen following the bankruptcy of the Japanese company's Westinghouse subsidiary in the US.


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