Reeves: Climate is a priority for committee

13th July 2017

Rachel Reeves has been elected chair of the business, energy and industrial strategy select committee.

The Labour MP said climate policies would be a focus of committee activities.

“As a committee, there are a number of issues I believe we will want to consider for future inquiries,” she said in a statement.

“Ensuring that we develop sustainable growth and climate change policies that help create new and well paid jobs should be a priority for the committee.

“Shining a light on diversity at the top levels of our businesses and tackling the gender, disability and BAME pay gaps should be on the Committee's agenda.

Scrutinising the Government's approach to the challenges of the 'gig economy' and the growth of self-employment and how to deliver fairness and flexibility in the British labour market should also be an area of interest for the Committee."

The former Labour minister Liam Byrne came second.


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